Floodgates Open New Years Day, The Blue Flood Arrives

Textured Depth In Eclectic Modern Synth Pop

This au currant collaborative effort from four corners of the popscape is a testament to the new standards of the modern music industry. A harmonious fusion of Dream Pop, Indie Rock, Electro-Rock and Hip Hop, The Blue Flood embraces the mature, complex palate of today’s listener.

In stride with the cutting edge eclectic fusion is the making of the album itself.  This ensemble’s debut was uniquely created over months of long-distance communication between musicians with vastly different travel schedules, utilizing the available technology without a hitch.

Featuring critically acclaimed songwriter Jeff Freundlich, producer Andy Gerold, singer Dawn Jameson, and rapper Marcus Latief Scott), Floodgates takes a marked emotional stance, tailored with lush production elements to tell the story of a lost generation finding its way in a brave new world.

Hitting the streets on New Years Day 2013, Floodgates is coming out of the gates running with the sound of an emerging era.

Read more about the making of this album and songwriter Jeff Freundlich in this recent piece by Nicki Escudero


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