The Carrie Diaries Premieres On The CW Jan 14th, Includes Fervor Vintage 80’s Pop

HBO’s massive success Sex and the City has left audiences thirsty for more, and after a featured length follow up film, the time has arrived for a prequel: The Carrie Diaries

Yes, the youth-oriented CW network and fans everywhere have been abuzz about the new series they are about to launch, which follows the young Sex and the City heroine Carrie Bradshaw (originally played by Sarah Jessica Parker) as she navigates her way into adulthood and a serious career.

Two authentic 80’s Pop tracks from the Fervor vaults have been slated to help launch this oh-so-fabulous backstory of a young writer in 1984 NYC.

The Way You Love Me and Hold Me All Night, Jerry Honigman, from the self-released title The Mood Swings ’83-’84 brings the synthy, neon, coiffed-hair-goodness to help get this highly anticipated retro series off to a strong start.

Catch the series premiere of The Carrie Diaries on Monday January 14th (8/7c) to hear the 80’s-tastic tracks in action.

Check out the tunes in their full glory below:

The Way You Love Me

Hold Me All Night


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