The Pier Names Fayuca’s Barrio Sideshow Amongst Most Anticipated Releases of 2013

The Pier Magazine, America’s leading reggae-rock news source, has once again named Fayuca’s upcoming release a highly anticipated one.

Over a year in the making, Fayuca’s fourth studio effort (and Fervor Records debut) was also cited on last year’s January round-up as one to look out for.

The band has a tendency toward perfectionism, as may be evident from their highly polished live performances, and they have spent several intensive months striving to deliver the best possible album to new fans and old.

Well it has finally been given a release date and everyone is getting excited.  Produced by platinum studio wizard Ralph Patlan, the aptly titled album Barrio Sideshow is scheduled to drop on May 7, 2013.

Follow the jump and scroll down to read more about the making of the album and what kind of new sounds listener’s can expect in this blurb on…sandwiched between Rome and Mike Pinto.

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