Vintage Crooner Cut In Netflix Original Debut Hemlock Grove

Hemlock_Grove_Poster Netflix has announced that they’ll be offering some original programming, and are starting off with a television adaptation of the 2012 thriller novel, Hemlock Grove.  Episode 107 of the series is slated to feature a vintage Big Band tune from Fervor artist Bob Kelly (One Little Kiss Will Do It).

Kelly enjoyed a rich and varied career throughout the 60’s and for decades beyond.  This piece was recorded in 1960 in a single live take, and showcases his wide array of talents which include writing, arranging, producing, engineering and singing.Cover_Cult Crooner Classics

The premiere is scheduled for April 19, 2013 and will be the first of a 13-episode season.  Starring horror royalty Famke Janssen, the series is rumored to make a bold entrance to the small screen.

Bob Kelly’s One Little Kiss Will Do It appears on the Fervor Records release Cult Crooner Classics, available on iTunes.


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