Foghat Founder Finds Fervor & Lands in I’m Dying Up Here


After British bassist Tony Stevens’ tenure with Savoy Brown, he founded the iconic Rock ensemble Foghat. The prolific, multi-talented songwriter recently inked much of his back catalog with Fervor Records. On July 1st Tony’s 1971 recording “Gin Actor Blues” will appear in Showtime’s “I’m Dying Up Here.” Also featured in Episode 209: “Deathbed Confessions” are two more songs by Fervor artists. From 1972 is hit songwriter Jay Ramsey’s “One Grain of Sand,” and Country great Dick Flood’s 1963 tearjerker “Warning Signs.” Catch “I’m Dying Up Here” on Showtime, click the song titles to enjoy on Spotify, and keep your eyes peeled for Fervor’s upcoming Tony Stevens retrospective.

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