Stardust Has Fervor

The new British biographical drama “Stardust” chronicles a young David Bowie’s first visit to the US in 1971. Heard in the film are ten period recordings from the vaults of Fervor Records including: “Jammin’ The Blues” by Dick Flood And The Pathfinders, “Clown Of The Town” by Dick Flood With The Suicide Kings, “So Goes My Dream” by Nadine Jansen, “Don’t Be Looking In My Mind” by Ross Watson, “New Jersey” by Peter Sivo Band, “Rural Route One” by Cargo, “Goodnight Surprise” by The Ball Brothers, “Hey Now Mama” by Metaphysical Animation, “Come Closer To Me” by Lynn Ready, and “Deep Depression” by Band X. “Stardust” opens in the US on May 1st, Experience all these great artists on Fervor Records across Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify & beyond!

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