The Big Leap Has Fervor X 6!

The new FOX series “The Big Leap” has turned to Fervor Records for a half dozen vintage 60s and 70s jams. Heard in Episode 109: “What Prevents Us?” is P-Nut Butter’s 1966 Mascot Records single “I’m Glad I Knew You,” Frank Lynch’s 1967 My Records’ single “Young Girl,” Tension’s 1969 Poison Ring Records’ single “It’s A Fact,” Maurice’s 1971 My Records’ single “What I Got I Got (And Ain’t Gonna Lose),” Gwynn Michaels’ 1972 Helva Records recording “I Wanna Love You (Hey Boy),” and Bright Moments’ 1978 single “Izya Funkin’ Tonight.” Don’t miss “The Big Leap” November 15th, and experience these great artists on Fervor Records across Apple Music, Amazon Music, Spotify & beyond!

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