Bobby Barnes

Bobby Barnes

; Bobby Barnes   Enigmatic 70s and 80s Soul/Funk/R&B artist Bobby Barnes knew how to throw it down with his soulful, no-nonsense vocals and bluesy, Psychedelic infused guitar work. Bobby’s deep grasp of Blues, Soul and R&B helped form his strong,...

12 Monkeys Will Keep It Funky With Fervor Records

SyFy’s post-apocalyptic hit 12 Monkeys has turned to Fervor Records for a serious dose of 70s Funk. Episode 206: “Immortal” showcases this sonic joyride traveling through the 70s with three funky Fervor rarities. The songs include 1973’s “Ain’t No Time For...

Chicago PD Will Keep It Funky

NBC hit Chicago PD turned to Fervor for some solid 70’s Funk. Bobby Barnes’ gritty 1974 masterpiece Keep It Funky appears in episode 3007. Tune in Chicago PD on Hulu and hear Bobby Barnes on iTunes and/or Spotify.

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