Dirt & Perseverance


Experience the original recordings from the best motherf***in’ Hip Hop crew you’ve never heard of, Phunklogistix!

Songwriter/guitarist/vocalist D. Mosis was no stranger to chart topping success. His work on Ce Ce Peniston’s 1992 A&M smash album “Finally” needs no hyperbole. Ready to move beyond dance hits, the prolific D. Mosis quickly teamed with Oakland Rapper Tone Brown and formed Phunklogistix. By 1995 the boys started laying down tracks at the renowned Phoenix studio Wild Whirled Recording. By 1996 Phunklogistix teamed with the production team of 2 the Groove with the goal of inking with a major. Tone Brown’s incredible flow and ingenious wordplay was unparalleled. With the organically Funky D. Mosis delivering his naturally melodic songwriting sensibilities, and 2 the Groove focused on elevating things beyond the next level, Phunklogistix was pulling off some serious shit! There was significant magic happening… but unfortunately a little too far ahead of the curve for the mid 90s. The majors passed.

Fast forward 20+ years and Fervor Records is giving Phunklogistix the recognition they deserve. One listen clearly demonstrates these songs are as fresh today as they were back in the day. Buckle up and let Phunklogistix school you on “Dirt & Perseverance.”


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