DJ Roomba Roars Super Stereo’s Jaguar Tonight

If you've ever been to a live Super Stereo show before, you know what happens when the crowd hears the first big cat cry from the deep This Is Futurepop album cut "Jaguar".  Usually mid-set, the dance floor gets dangerously crowded and...

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Scottsdale Gets The 944 On Fervor!

Fashion, style, beauty and living are the topics usually covered by luxury lifestyle periodical 944 magazine usually covers.  But this month was their annual music issue and Fervor Records got 2 pages to tell their story.  Being one of...

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Craig Erickson Has Too Much Whiskey In Chicago Code

Craig Erickson's Too Much Whiskey and Gonna Leave Chicago aired last night on the new FOX drama The Chicago Code.  Both tracks are from the Fervor Records release One Way Ticket and can be heard in season 1, episode 7 "Black Hand and The...

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Joe Montgomery and Duane Eddy Just Being Human

Glen Morris' I Got The Blues feat. the legendary Duane Eddy helped set the scene in last night's edition of Being Human, episode #110.  The SyFy network's hit show also featured Joe Montgomery's Two Time Loser.  Both tracks can be found...

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Jersey Shore Bubble Shaker Quake Last Night!

In the new episode of Jersey Shore last night, Tarik NuClothes' asstastic single Bubble Shaker made some waves as Sammi sneaked around.  Coming in after the commercial break with a well-defined 'Drop it let me see you pop it!', Tarik laid...

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I’ll Pretend to be Justified!

FX hit show Justified managed to lasso a sweet Vintage Country classic from Fervor Records artist Glen Morris.  The tune "I'll Pretend" was recorded in 1957 and features Duane Eddy on guitar.  Hear it in Episode 203, airing 2/23/11 or get...

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Juice Monkey Gets Up and Fights in One Tree Hill

Tune in to the CW on January 25, 2011 to hear Juice Monkey's political punk anthem Get Up And Fight. The track, from the Fervor Records release Change We Can Believe In, will be featured in One Tree Hill's Season 8, Episode 12: The Drinks...

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